Why Java

We have selected Java as our primary development platform because we believe it is the best platform to develop enterprise level applications. These are some of the our reasons: Continued reading >

Business Interface EJB Design Pattern

When programming an EJB, you’ll write a bean interface (local or remote interface), a home interface (also local or remote), and a bean class. In the case of an entity bean, you’ll also need a primary key class if you don’t use a standard Java class for it. Continued reading >

JDBC Drivers and Class.forName

Have you ever wondered why you need to explicitly load a JDBC Driver class using Class.forName or calling a classloader directly? Continued reading >

RMI Through a Firewall

If you ever tried using RMI through a firewall you must have noticed a ‘strange’ behaviour concering the usage of ports.
Opening the rmi port (in most cases this is 1099) in the firewall, doesn’t solve the problem.
As you may already know, your RMI Server opens up a serversocket on port 1099 and then listens here for incoming requests. Continued reading >

Downloading Webpages and HTML

In this tutorial we are going to write a simple java program, which connects to a Web server and downloads webpages and documents that one is interested in. With the help of an example program you will see the use of Java’s URL and URLConnection classes in the java.net package to download data and content from Internet servers. Continued reading >

Shutdown Hook Tutorial

Have you ever felt the need to clean up things, to close a log file, to send some alert, or take some other action when the Java Virtual Machine is shutting down? Continued reading >

Passing a Proxy Server in Java

Setup the proxyserver
To specify your proxyserver / firewall in java you need to set 2 system variables:
Continued reading >